2023 Microdiary

Time: 22:17. 1/30/2023.
Weather: Clear
Listening to: 恋がたし

Often I have things going on that I can talk about but aren't really enough to justify a full diary entry. I prefer not to go months between writing new entries if I can. So I've decided to make this little miniature diary for miscellaneous thoughts. It can be as simple as just stating something I ate, played, or worked on. Anything sufficiently random and that I don't have lots to say about. On that note, I've spent hours and hours scouring through Youtube for new Vocaloid songs the last couple days. I definitely won't be able to keep up this kind of depth and consistency of my listening up for very long. Already I'll have to stop tomorrow because I have too much homework. Still, it's nice to add so much to the playlist for now!

Time: 00:05. 2/9/2023.
Weather: Clear

I went to see a movie in theaters for the first time in literally four years yesterday. It was a bit of an impulsive decision but it was nice as a change of pace. Because I'm physically pretty weak I haven't been able to go out much even when I have the option. I've gained a little more strength recently so I'm not 100% limited to work and school like I used to be. I think I did overdo it a little since I'm very exhausted today. It's all I can do to get through the necessary tasks of the day. Though, as a perk of the improved condition, I know I'll be able to recover in a few days.

Time: 02:59. 2/26/2023.
Listening to: 命辛辛

Nothing much new has been going on lately. I started playing Splatoon 3 last year shortly after it came out. Splatoon has always been on my radar but I generally don't play multiplayer games so I didn't try it out until now. My family play competitive multiplayer exclusively and the environment is so toxic that it put me off trying anything. But Splatoon is super fun and the gyro controls are more comfortable than mouse and keyboard for me. Games with mouse and keyboard are generally what I prefer but they unfortunately really agitate chronic pain. Gyro feels like a perfect happy medium once I got used to it!

I've been working hard to grind the catalog before this season ends. The Onyx O1STRERs are a need, not a want. In between grinding sessions I've been continuing to grab all the text from Slow Damage as I replay. I switched from powertoys to the program it's based on from Github. It's so much better and more convenient to use. Is there a more effecient way to do this? Certainly. Do I need or want to bother figuring it out? Nope.

Time: 23:20. 3/17/2023.
Listening to: らいふ。

I've been continuing to play a lot of visual novels. Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but back in January I finished Heart of the Woods alongside Lamento: Beyond the Void (the latter of which I'm pretty sure I've mentioned). At the moment I don't have much to say about Lamento so don't expect a review. That may change when I do a replay in the future. Heart of the Woods was wonderful and I do have some thoughts on it in terms of pacing, art, and so on. However, that will definitely have to wait until after a replay. I intend to review it but I need to take notes and collect my thoughts. Finally, I am working on the Slow Damage review re-write. I actually want to do this in a video format as well as a text one. It's going to be very long so I think having a video format will make it more accessible and easy to watch.

This week I finished Hashihime of the Old Book Town and Sweet Pool. Hashihime I didn't end up liking that much. I could make a review but what I have to say is so primarily negative that unfortunately I don't think it's worth writing. I don't shy away from negativity when it comes to reviews but I prefer something more nuanced. When my opinion is just, "didn't like it and here's a million reasons why," it feels very dull to read and write. Stuff that's good, that's mediocre, or is close to being good but held back just a touch- they're way more interesting. Sweet Pool won't be getting a review either. I also didn't really like it all that much but I knew that going in. Weirdly enough, having my expectations tempered like that made it way more enjoyable to play as opposed to Hashihime which has very positive reviews but I found to be a mess. I mainly played it to see what the game was like. I've been making my way through Nitro+Chiral's entire catalog. Leaving out one game felt weird and would have driven me nuts until I actually played it. So, because all I expected was to sate my curiosity, I feel satisfied. Didn't like the game but I do like that I know all the details about it.

Basically, been playing lots of VNs at the cost of doing actual work. I've still got three more in the backlog to play but I'm forcing myself to slow down a bit.