Time: 22:32
Topic: 1 Year Anniversary

I'd say I can't believe it's already been a year since I started this site, but that's not really accurate. I tend to be bad about doing things in sync with holidays or anniversaries so I've been careful to keep an eye out for this day. What's more apt to say is wow, a year contains quite a lot of stuff in it.

Sometimes a year ends with me feeling radically different than when I began it. In this case I don't feel like I've changed all that much. This was a year that progressed more in terms of things around me or career wise rather than personal development. Kind of a good thing since I'm glad not to have had quite so many radical changes I've had to come to terms with or complicated things I have to integrate into my understanding of myself. Feels more stable and relaxed internally even if externally things are... wild.

Site wise, I'm very appreciative of all the people who have watched as I develop it! Even if I make things for myself, I do hope that others will appreciate them. Going by the site counter I have on the index which is a bit more accurate, around 750 people have seen the site. On the net I think it's easy to lose perspective in the way you can if you physically see people. Just 20 people seeing my stuff IRL would be a lot. 750 is already an unimaginable number. Thanks so much to everyone who's come by, checked things out, and decided to stick around to see what's next!

I'm proud of how the site has developed. I went from literally 0 HTML knowledge to having 7 main areas of the site with many sub pages in each one. Things will definitley continue to change as my aesthetic senses switch around. But right now, I'm very happy with Waterfall 3.0 and I hope to expand what this site has to offer to encompass more of my creativity and interests.

My goals for this year are to do just that. However, more specifically it's to try to connect more directly with people. I'm very introverted in the sense that I find conversations take a lot of energy. I like talking to people but I also need space. The downside of this is if I find a comfortable bubble, I tend to stay in it. I'd like to make friends rather than just mutuals or aquaintances. My other goals are to try to keep decently active. I spent quite a bit of time just focused on school and didn't update for a few months last year. During times like those now, I'd like to at least keep up with some of the simpler parts of the site like the diary entries and featured song.

A final thing is my art goals. For a long time now I've wanted to start working on designing clothes and accessories. I don't have the space to do too much right now but I could at least get into shirt prints, embroidery, and simpler accessories. I'm split up between a lot of hobbies. Art has to fight with videogames, fanfiction, and this site for focus. I've been doing great with pushing my creativity for personal fulfillment but a lot of energy has been going to fanfic. I think if I don't make this goal concrete, I won't get it done. So, I'll make sure I add a new section to the gallery for clothes I've designed. By next anniversary, I'll at least get one shirt print done.

I'm currently working on the menhera shrine as another part of the anniversary. I'm hoping to have that up sometime tonight! For now though, that's it for this anniversary. Again, thanks so much to everyone who's checked this site out and supported me. It's nice to feel more enthused and comfortable with my online self again. I feel like I've recaptured the feeling of selfishly creating again.