Time: 19:52
Topic: General

Whoa, I'm alive! Hello everyone. It's been a while since my last substantial update, about a month. I've been kind of going through it as far as college is concerned. Tomorrow is my last final so soon I'll be free. My classes this semester were tough, but nothing outside the norm for me. By this point of the semester I'm pretty disillusioned with it all, despite how much I normally enjoy my work. I'm glad to have the summer for self study. I'm taking my senior seminar on Octavia Butler next semester so it's just going to be a lot of preparation for that. Literary theory, lots of reading, standard English major stuff.

Aside from all this work, there hasn't been too much excitement in my life. Writing this, I mostly just feel kind of down. The "going through it" in question doesn't really end with college, regrettably. I had a lot more I wanted to say before I began writing this, but now that I'm here I just feel a profound sense of exhaustion. I'm hoping summer will reinstate some positivity in me, but I'm not going to force it. Feelings will come as they may in accordance with my circumstances.

Kind of a downer post, but it is what it is. A point for me and my internet use is to stop pushing myself in certain directions for the sake of appearences online. And further, to take breaks when I need to and prioritize certain things. I only have so much of myself to go around.

To new updates and more diary posts in the future!