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Kagamine Rin. The second resident of SEKAI.
Born December 27th. Height 152cm [4'11"]

Rin follows in the footsteps of Miku. She's quiet, gentle, and soothing. With her voice she's able to draw others in and comfort them even when they wish to escape from the world. She serves as the mirror of Ena, lacking her intense anger but holding her desire to protect others.

Rin, like Meiko, is a new resident of the Empty Sekai so not much is known about her personality. She will continue to develop and grow with the other members of 25ji.

What do I think about Rin?

There's not too much to say about Rin for the time being. The only event so far with her in focus spent most of the time on exploring Ena and her feelings rather than Rin's. That said, as a reflection of Ena, Rin is interesting. Ena is loud, at times angry, yet that anger comes from a fierce desire to protect and help others. It's a protection born out of frustration. Rin on the other hand is more patient, gentle. She offers light when Ena's anger consumes her.