The Forest

TW for some small mentions of body horror!

The Forest is a world that I have been developing since I was 15. It is by far my most plot heavy and writing heavy world. Initially there wasn't a ton of lore to it and it was mostly this little self contained story centered around Aster. However, as I developed it, it expanded to become what it is today.

This world is inhabited by gods, beings of vast power that preside and rule over humanity. In the beginning there was chaos and strife between them, each one unable to reckon with the contrast between their power and the lonely void they were born into. To be born into a world so empty brought forth immense grief, then anger. A youthful god of creation united the gods, using the virtues of each one to create a haven of life. Humans were representative of the vast potential of the divine. For thousands of years, life was peaceful. Humanity and gods advanced in tandem, becoming more complex.

There was no one slight humans brought against the gods. There was no event to cause them to fall from favor. The distance between the two groups was gradual, nearly imperceptible on either side. The gods grew distant, their memories faded and mythologized by humanity. Most notably, they were simplified, described in black and white terms and defined by singular aspects. This was no small event, easily brushed off as mere perception. The gods' power was reflected within humanity. They too could organize, influence, and define these higher beings. Steadily gods became mournful, angered, and corrupted. Strife began anew as gods alike forgot their valuable relationships with humanity. Humans became willful, meddlesome, and ungrateful rather than the beloved creations they had once been. A golden age had passed. Many gods retreated into the void, their minds fragmented, the power of creation turned back upon them and changing their forms.

The world as it exists now is relatively advanced. Magic is more of a science than anything else. It powers cities and provides comfort to humanity. Though every human has some level of magical ability, those with unique abilities are considered divinely gifted. Recently, a blight has fallen upon the great capital of Alenia. A great sickness has wiped out the city, one that does not dare to stay within the borders. Those who manage to escape the blighted land die soon after. However, what little they tell before their death has spread throughout the nation. There is a goddess of death and despair, one who seeks what has been lost.

The youthful creation god responsible for the beginning of humanity, the rallying of the gods, and the small spark of hope remaining, has been lost. Whether he is dead, captured, or has fallen to the same grief as many of his comrades is unknown. What is clear is the world is dying, life seeping from the plants and trees, bodies twisted with disease and pain, resembling what the gods now regard them as. Whether this fate can be reversed remains to be seen.