Welcome to the OC Hub

You stand in a white room with four doors before you. Each leads to a different world, some more developed than others, with residents and unique histories.

The Forest is quiet. You hear the chirping of birds and little else. When you approach the door, the warm sunlight filtering through feels nostalgic. As you look, you hear the rumbling approach of thunder. Something behind this door is ominous, leaving the hair standing on the back of your neck like the burning smell after a lightning strike. The door is made of an old, gnarled oak.

From The Church you hear laughter and music. The light is dim and flickering. The atmosphere is far more reminiscent of a calm jazz club than a church. The door is a plain black with an ornate gold handle, covered in vine-like filigree. As you continue to stare, someone opens the door, a resident's eyes just catching yours.

The Hospital lies behind a frosted glass door. You can see people moving about behind it, just making out the silhouettes of various animal features. A bell rings and someone over a PA calls for a nurse. You can't make out her name. The smells just inching from behind the door are a mix of sterile and floral. Sweet rose and hyacinth, alcohol and fresh rain.

The Multiverse is as difficult a place to describe as its door. The sounds, smells, and sights you see from your vantage point before it are all repeats of what came before. Something about it is familiar each time, yet the presentation different. It never settles. The door is much the same. When you first saw it, it was a plain white. Now, it appears as a screen door. Will it change if you blink again? (Coming Soon!)

Don't be afraid of the options. You have time to visit and consider them all. Behind you appears a white couch, generic yet perfectly comfortable to relax in while you make your choice.