Basic information

Age: Appears 38
Species: Goddess
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown


Marianne has an average height and long wavy brown hair. She has pale skin and wears red. Her face is always hidden by a veil.

I do not have any up to date photos, so that tiny description can serve as a placeholder.


Marianne is a willful and active person, never willing to take "no" or "I don't know" for an answer to a problem. Previously she was kind and gentle, traits expected of a goddess who offered gifts of healing and medicine to humanity. However, these gifts came from a sense of fear and loneliness to be alone in the void. When her worst fears were realized, she became cruel and angered, blaming those she once loved.


Marianne was one of the goddesses most struck by the initial loneliness of the void. She wept in her loneliness and despaired for the other gods who felt just as lost as her. She attempted to find purpose in healing and helping the gods around her, but it wasn't enough. Her kindness was not enough to help them. When the god of creation brought all beings together to create humanity, she blessed them with the divine gifts she had developed.

Marianne became highly favored by humans, regarded as one of the goddesses with the greatest gifts and magic. She was kind to them, offering them the same level of attention she once offered her fellow gods. However, as they became more distant from each other Marianne felt her old grief returning. She saw her world fall apart around her and feared the worst.

Even as gods fell to disillusionment, despair, and void, their bodies twisted, Marianne worked tirelessly to support and heal them. With the god of creation by her side, she felt she could withstand anything. Once he disappeared, her one hope went with him. Worse still, she could sense his presence somewhere among humanity.

Overcome with anger and fear for what would become of her species, driven with grief at being abandoned by her one hope, she descended to humanity. Her talents of healing left her with a deep knowledge of death, disease, and human suffering. She clung to the worst things she had witnessed and unleashed the blight upon the people she once loved so dearly.


Marianne was created not long after I designed Ilya. I knew she was connected with him in some way but I didn't know precisely how. She was one of those aesthetic first characters. She was conceptualized as a villain but I wanted her to be somewhat morally grey in some way. As I developed the world further, I kept her aesthetic elements I liked and fit her in with the plot.