Basic information

Age: 27
Species: Demon
Gender: ???
Pronouns: He/It/She
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: August 29th


Lux has an above average height and long wavy blonde hair. He has light brown eyes, freckles, and pale skin.

I do not have any up to date photos, so that tiny description can serve as a placeholder.


Lux is, above all else, a thrill seeker. He embodies the deadly sin of lust, representing only a small fraction of human desire. He is prone to boredom and will walk away too easily from things he finds uninteresting or difficult. There's really no one place to find him. On his best days, Lux can be fun, experimental, and eclectic. On his worst, he is cold, self destructive, and melancholic.

Lux places a lot of value in how he can make those close to him feel and their opinions of him rather than his worth as a living being. He cycles a lot between mental highs and lows depending on how he percieves himself in relation to others.


Lux is one of the Discord OCs I created for a friend's server. He's been long since removed from his original context but I haven't really bothered developing his world and character all that much. Lux is in part an aesthetic first, story second, type of character. He is deeply self indulgent, existing as a combination of traits I find interesting in fiction.

I honestly have no intentions of developing his character much more. That's not really his purpose. His personality is relatively thought out. I don't want to make him completely flat. However, sometimes you do have less complex characters for a variety of reasons.