Basic information

Age: 23 (Presumably)
Species: Unknown
Gender: Nonbinary
Pronouns: He/They/She
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: February 5th


Ilya is a wanderer, never able to settle in a single place or with a single person. They feel something is missing from deep within them, something that cannot be easily replaced. They have a strong aptitude for creation magic and are able to grow and modify the earth with ease. They do not trust easily and largely view relationships with other people as temporary and transactional. On their best days they are worldly, well spoken, and helpful. On their worst they are paranoid, lonely, and disconnected from their environment.


Ilya does not remember much of their childhood. Their earliest memories are of being alone, mourning something they could not and still cannot remember. When the overwhelming sense of grief abated enough to move, Ilya began traveling the world to find what it was that was missing. At times they believed they found what they were searching for. A kind stranger, a beautiful example of magic, or the pure power of humanity would touch their heart. However, what small joy was brought was soon lost.

In their youth Ilya was very naive, prone to trusting too quickly or too easily. They steadily learnt to view the world differently, gaining a level of suspicion and weariness towards most other people. Following a tragedy, they were taken in and supported by a woman and her brother. Ilya considers them their only roots, coming back every few years with gifts and stories.

With the blight impacting and destroying the world, Ilya has felt their despair increase tenfold, only rivaling their first foggy and unclear memories of childhood. Something about the blight's goddess is familiar.


Ilya was initially created when I was 15. She was the very first OC for this world, before the world itself was even developed. Initially she was a fairly simple character, a male fallen angel. However, over time she changed. I wanted to make her more grounded. She became Aster, the OC you'll see on occasion in the gallery. This was still before the world itself developed. She worked fine as a character in the context she was in at the time, an OC in a server, but that's really because who she was and how she interacted with others was more important than her own story.

I developed the world itself as the server died down and I took Ilya into his own story and context. I created the lore of the gods first and set up a war between them. At this point Ilya was still Aster and was still human. I also had a story last year in the works about a dying world, one beset by age and decay that fell alongside the main characters. Despite how negative it sounds, the story was overall positive and nostalgic, about looking back on mistakes and feeling satisfied with what your life had become even when it once felt impossible to continue forward. That story turned out radically different than I intended it in the end. I was quite disappointed by it, actually. However, now I've merged a lot of its lore and concepts into this world.

And thus, Ilya became something other than human. I will say, Ilya is also a character I project a lot of my own hardships onto. He's removed a lot from reality because of the fantasy context he's in, but Ilya's character and arc is largely about trauma, grief, and paranoia. His personality and actions are meant to be somewhat grounded even if the context may not be.

With this most recent redesign, I tried to keep some key elements of his old design such as black hair and green clothes. Some of the original elements from his angel design are also present here with the flowy fabrics. I referenced regency era dresses for inspiration, though obviously I didn't want the finished product to be regency era. A higher resolution version of the reference image can be viewed in the 2022 gallery.

Last Updated: 7/18/2022