Basic information

Age: Appears 30
Species: God
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Birthday: Unknown


Erena has a tall height and short black hair. She has black eyes and tan skin. She is fairly androgynous.

I do not have any up to date photos, so that tiny description can serve as a placeholder.


Erena is no nonsense and straightforward. She seeks answers and simple explanations, not platitudes or kindness. She is at times regarded as a goddess of discord, but her true power is her ability to seek truth and fight for those with little power themselves. She is fiercely protective of those she cares for but at times fails to allow others to take on burdens they can handle.


Within the void, Erena was one of the most lucid goddesses. She was unsure of how to help others. She was never a gentle soul herself. However, she knew she had a purpose to fulfill. When the god of creation encouraged the gods to gather together, Erena found her purpose and power. She had an aptitude for combat and protected humanity from disaster, most often ones they caused themselves.

Over time, humanity began to misunderstand Erena as a goddess of discord. They steadily misremembered her proximity to battles and fights as her bringing on potential disasters. Erena's mind began to fragment, caught between wanting to protect humanity and desires to follow the path they set for her. She turned inward, her body warping and weakening. Her strength left her and her mind was clouded with the destruction others presumed her to love. Horns began sprouting from her skull, turning in and framing her face. With the last of her lucidity, she locked herself away within the void to prevent herself from unleashing pain onto others.

Erena now slumbers, unaware of the strife that goes on around her. Now that she has been steadily forgotten by humanity, she has but a shell of her former power. Were she to awaken, it would not be to protect or destroy. It would be to fear, purposelessness, in a world and body she scarcely recognizes.


Erena was initially a DND character who I never did get to use in an actual game. I recently added her to this world to give her a purpose. Her name was initially Eris, a name I came up with randomly through just combining different syllables I liked. However, this happened to be the name of the Greek goddess of destruction. Naming a goddess who became percieved as a destroyer Eris felt way too on the nose and drew too much from real life for my liking. So instead I named her Erena, a name with a fairly similar tone.