Basic information

Age: 18
Species: Catgirl
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Birthday: February 14th


Cicely is a kind person, trying her best to be compassionate towards others no matter the circumstances. She is perpetually upbeat, though her enthusiasm can sometimes manifest in the form of clumsiness. She can often be seen with her uniform in minor disarray.


Cicely is a new nurse who works under a pediatrician. She is often the first face patients see. As such, she tries her best to make a good impression. She's at her best with young children, her cheerful personality and sensitivity often helping them face their fears.


Cicely is my most recent OC. I initially created her as just a one off illustration but I wanted to make a larger world based around physical disability and mental illness. It's a bit of a fantastical hospital, not a realistic one. There's not too much to say about her or the world at the moment, but I'm hoping to give it a strong visual identity. I almost want to treat it as the opposite of The Forest, totally visual and cute where that one's more writing focused.