Basic information

Age: Appears 28
Species: God
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Birthday: Unknown


Calista has a short height and short black hair. She has black eyes and tan skin.

I do not have any up to date photos, so that tiny description can serve as a placeholder.


To those who don't know her, Calista appears quiet and cold. She does not express her love through words but instead through steadfast loyalty and action. Beneath her icy surface is a sensitive woman with vast wisdom, one who will do anything to protect those she cares about.


Calista regarded as the goddess of romantic and familial love, representing the time in transition from winter to spring. In the void she slumbered, letting the days flow by in a deep hibernation. When she awoke, it was to the chatter and excitement of other gods and goddesses. She watched from afar, curious about both her own kind and these new humans they had created. She descended to humanity and explored the wintery land, new and hardly touched.

She fell in love with humanity, offering protection from the winter chill and kindness to those who showed her a good deed. At this point her role as a goddess was understood largely as a familial one. She was a protector and an adoptive mother to humanity. She was highly regarded by the most downtrodden and lonely people of society.

However, following one of humanity's first great disasters, she met Erena. They bonded over their similar roles towards humanity, both protectors. Following their shared sadness surrounding the disaster, Calista offered support and friendship. During spring, this blossomed into the first romance between gods. Humanity often celebrates her during weddings and the spring equinox. It's customary to have weddings during transitions of seasons.

Now Calista remains awake while her wife slumbers, changed and misunderstood by humanity. Calista has become withdrawn, watching over her in preparation to guide her after her awakening. Even as humanity misremembers her, she clings to her past and feelings with loyalty and strength.


Calista was a character I initially created for a Discord RP server. She was a more morally grey and negative character in that setting, headstrong to contrast my other characters who were less assertive. She's pretty much completely changed here, but I do want to keep some aesthetic elements of her design, particularly her winter inspirations.