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Akiyama Mizuki. Editor.
Class 1-A. Born August 27th. Height 163cm [5'4"]

Mizuki is a bit mischevious at heart, prone to teasing their friends and taking them on somewhat random excursions to spark 25ji's creativity. They love all things cute and have taken to modifying their clothes to their taste. They're the most outgoing, attempting to get along well with everyone.

At the same time, while they do get along with all sorts of people, there's not many that Mizuki allows to truly know them. Their true self and identity remain a mystery, as does their pain.

What do I think about Mizuki?

Mizuki is by far my favorite character in Project Sekai, not just in 25ji. I find their struggles with gender and transphobia to be relatable, though I appreciate that they get a lot of moments to shine outside just their struggles. The way Mizuki doesn't let anyone in because they're afraid of what will happen if someone knows who they truly are is something I still struggle with. I wouldn't say I think I'm a bad person at my core. Rather, I existed in a lot of social circles in my teens that were very ruthless about cutting people off and going public with shaming and drama, often over very stupid things. I've never been someone who fit in from the very start so letting people in is still difficult. I also relate a bit to Mizuki's gender expression. I take an "all things cute and pink" approach to my space IRL.

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