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Hatsune Miku. The first resident of SEKAI.
Born August 31st. Height 158cm [5'2"]

Miku does not have knowledge, history, or past within this SEKAI. Like it, she is empty, created to reflect true feelings and offer support towards Mafuyu. She is a kind, protective, and gentle person. She's a big sister in a way, offering guidance and kind words to those who need them.

In her free time Miku wanders the SEKAI, singing out in the endless expanse to anyone who is there to hear. In the beginning, this is all she knows. Through the 25ji members she begins to learn more, becoming a bit more expressive and knowledgeable.

What do I think about Miku?

I really adore Miku's Empty Sekai design. It's by far the most unique version of Miku in Project Sekai, both in terms of personality and design. She was part of what made 25ji so immediately interesting to me. The other Sekais begin with multiple vocaloids. 25ji only has Miku and her key art is a bit ominous. It made me curious to pick them from the very start.

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