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MEIKO. The third resident of SEKAI.
Born November 5th. Height 167cm [5'5"]

Meiko arrived in the Empty Sekai following Mizuki's increasing struggles. Her voice is complementary, the color reflecting Mizuki's. Meiko is content to watch from afar, preferring not to involve herself with directly comforting or commenting on events. She instead records and remembers.

Meiko is the most recently introduced vocaloid to the Empty Sekai so not much is known about her and how her story will play out.

What do I think about Meiko?

Meiko actually surprised me a lot. I had seen the MV for [ID Smile]. It's very cute to match Mizuki's style. Since Meiko is Mizuki's mirror, I expected her to be bright like they are. However, so far she seems to be the coldest of the bunch. She refuses to get involved in events. Though, that does get at an idea at the core of Mizuki's character. Much like Meiko, they don't talk about their struggles in any way. They direct the group and seem on the surface to be the most stable. At their core, they can be a bit distant, even a little cold, just like Meiko.

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