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April 7th

Topic: Kpop, Loona, Queendom 2

A lot of my interests are music related and this includes kpop! The second episode of Queendom 2 premiered today and concluded the round 1 performances. I wanted to go ahead and give my opinions and rank them, if only for my own reference.

Aside from Loona, WJSN is the other group I'm rooting for. I feel like they made the entirety of the stage their own. The arrangement of "As you Wish" and the sudden change towards red were very dramatic but earned within the performance. The other dancers helped a lot in executing their vision of the song. Despite the troubles with the performance and the intense reactions from the members, they kept their cool during it and kept going according to plan.

2- Hyolyn
With her vast amount of experience as a performer, I'm not surprised to say that Hyolyn also really captured my attention and the entire stage. She gets extra points for the live vocals all the way throughout. Something that really stood out to me about her performance were her expressions. She's very expressive and makes everything look easy and like she was having fun onstage. It really captures the feeling of summer.

3- Loona
Loona is my ult favorite group. They're the ones I'm rooting for most.
I will confess, I was unsurprised but a bit disappointed to see Loona pick PTT for this round, on a personal level. PTT is my least favorite comeback of theirs. However, I understand the logic behind picking it. PTT is their most high-impact song and thus is the obvious pick for a competition of this size. Music choice aside, Loona's choreography is absolutely wonderful. One of Loona's strengths is their dancing and their more masculine side. We can see plenty of that here! I really liked the rearrange for PTT into something more dramatic and themed for South Korea. At the same time that I feel wow-ed as I always do by Loona, it didn't quite blow me away the way Hyolyn and WJSN did. I think it's just the entire situation altogether (points, Covid-19, smaller stage, etc). There's always the round 2 performance though!

4- Viviz
I really like the elegant concept they went for here. As you can tell from my thoughts on WJSN, it's the kind of concept I'm a sucker for. However, Viviz just didn't wow me like the other three performances. There was nothing bad about it by any means. In fact, I loved their choreography and felt they looked beautiful and elegant the whole way through. At the same time, I left the performance feeling satisfied instead of awed.

5- Brave Girls
I felt like the performance overall was a bit disjointed. We start with a very dramatic, intense intro, then go into a fun summer mood with Chi Mat Ba Ram, then go back to intensity, then to Rolling. While some of the other sudden changes, like Loona's dance break, Hyolyn's vocal focused high note, and WJSN's dramatic change to red feel earned and cohesive within the song as a whole, Brave Girls' performance to me felt like throwing a lot of things on at once without it all going together. The same thing can be said for the props. I did enjoy the live vocals, expressions, and their stage presence though. I hope they can bring those elements in to an even better second round!

6- Kep1er
Kep1er were full of that amazing rookie energy. Their dancing is wonderful and amazingly in sync. I'm not into cars or racing but I actually liked the racing concept they were going for here. My issue is with just how empty the perfomance felt as a whole. They didn't have additional dancers throughout a lot of it and, even when they did come in, they're just standing in the back. It ultimately didn't feel much different from watching a music show. I can tell they're very earnest and hardworking so I'm hoping they'll do better in future rounds!