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Asahina Mafuyu. Lyricist.
Class 2-B. Born January 27th. Height 162cm [5'3"]

On the surface she seems to be the perfect girl. She's top of her class, kind, reliable, and friendly. She's altruistic, aiming to be a doctor so she can care for others despite the strain of her studies.

Underneath she feels empty, pushed into a role she doesn't want and beset on all sides by high expectations. Although she loves her mother, she simultaneously fears her words and abuse. She retreats into SEKAI and hides, only given hope again by the other members of 25ji. Music is her retreat from stress and a lifeline when others have failed.

What do I think about Mafuyu?

I find Mafuyu to be a great depiction of mental illness overall. The thing about Mafuyu's story that's especially compelling to me is her friends offer help and support without magically fixing her. Even after the story of 25ji is concluded, she's simply talked down from suicide. She still has to deal with the situation that causes her depression and, potentially, PTSD. One song isn't going to fix everything. What it can do is improve things, little by little. It's a refreshingly realistic take considering a lot of other stories either magically fix everything or don't let any hope shine through.

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