This page contains various outgoing links to other sites, useful resources, or things I simply find interesting.

Other cool sites
All the sites listed in my index, just as a plain button wall rather than a marquee for easier navigation.

Softheart clinic button 99 gif shop button. Gutz button. Redstring button. Koinuko button. Mortalboy button.

Site Development
Resources I've used to develop this site. Includes some graphics pages.

99gifshop- On Neocities. Contains various gifs and graphics.

W3schools- Site featuring HTML and CSS tutorials. Includes try it yourself sections to help practice and understand how each bit of HTML and CSS works. The majority of the knowledge I used to build this site came from here. This is also where I got the code for my drop down menus. I could not have figured those out otherwise!

Pixel-soup- A tumblr blog featuring tons of graphics. This is where I got the majority of the pixels I use on this site that I didn't create myself.

Visual Studio Code- My preferred code editor. Has a lot of features that reduce repetition, reduce errors, and make it easier to remember things. There's tons of other code editors out there, but this is the one I've been using. If you're using the built in Neocities editor instead of a code editor, take this as a sign to go find one you like! It's a lot more convenient and allows you to test things before you make them live on your actual site.

The Neocities RSS guide- A simple and easy to follow guide to setting up an RSS feed on neocities. This is how I created mine. There may be better or more streamlined ways to do it, but this is what works for me!

Language Learning
Resources for learning other languages. Focused on Japanese for now as that's what I'm studying.

Tae Kim's Grammar Guide- A useful site for learning about Japanese grammar. It's not perfect but it's pretty approachable, easy to understand, and covers a lot of beginner grammar.

Anki- A space repetition system flashcard program. Free for desktop or web. An excellent program with tons of capability. I have encountered some errors with the media player before. If this happens, download an older version of the program.

Awesome Japanese- A detailed list of several resources and sites for learning Japanese. Includes resources for multiple learning levels. Its links to sites with practice readings for beginners is especially helpful to me at this point.

2k/6k Deck- An Anki deck of 6,000 Japanese flashcards. Features words, example sentences, example audio, and optional images. The site linking to the download is here on Neocities.

Jisho- An online Japanese dictionary. Easy to navigate and features detailed information on each word.


Unsplash- A site of free to use photos, even for commercial purposes. Most reference images or textures I use, including the paper texture on my diary page, come from this site.

Clip Studio Paint- I don't generally recommend paid stuff, but this is what I've been using since 2017. It's a one time payment on desktop and often goes on sale for $25. There's a free trial so you can try it out for a month. It's a very capable program and comes with access to the asset store which includes many free assets created by other users. Theres so many features in this thing that I'm still finding new stuff years later.

TPU skin brush- A nice soft brush I mainly use for skin and hair on anime style paintings.

AA Pencil- The most realistic digital pencil I've ever found. I use this for sketches and lineart. It's by far my most used brush and the one I recommend most.

Braids- Exactly what it says. A braid brush. I use this to lay down the sketch then draw over it. Helpful to save time, especially if a character has a lot of braids or braided details.

Erase along edge- A useful eraser that erases by the reference layer. Helpful for filling areas quickly and avoiding those random white specks, especially for brushes like pencils.

Gradiation map used in color mode around 20%- Self explanatory. A set of gradiant maps that add extra color variation.

Random fun stuff.

ACTION BUTTON REVIEWS Tokimeki Memorial- Listen. Listen. This video is nearly six hours long. It's also incredibly entertaining the whole way through. I've watched it well over 10 times. Really, this whole channel is great and the kind of writing I aspire to. But this video is the one I like best.

Menheratic- A tumblr blog full of photos, art, and articles about Menhera. An incredibly useful and amazing resource.

J fashion of the Last Decade: Cult Party kei and Dolly kei- A bit self explanatory! A good intro to these styles, how they developed, and how to get into them.

The old reader- My preferred RSS reader. It's simple, free, and basic.