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Kagamine Len. The fifth resident of SEKAI.
Born December 27th. Height 156cm [5'1"]

Initially, Len is afraid of others. Despite his loneliness, it's what he knows and he's afraid to reach out to the existing residents of the Empty Sekai. He's very childish and clings to Miku like an older sister. He exists to mirror another part of Mafuyu. While Miku represents her emptiness, Len stands in for the childish, afraid part that still exists within her.

Despite his fear, Len has within him bravery and care for others. He uses his fear and knowledge to offer kindness to others when they need it most.

What do I think about Len?

Okay, I'll admit I read ahead a bit because I was so excited to see Len. So far 25ji and their Sekai has been almost entirely girls (minus Mizuki) so I was a bit unreasonably excited to see a male character. I also adore his first card. The medical themes mixed with flowers is right up my aesthetic (see my index page and its medical theming). I can't wait until he comes to EN.

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