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Yoisaki Kanade. Composer.
Class N/A. Born February 10th. Height 154cm [5']

Kanade has a natural talent for composition, in part due to her early exposure to music through her father's work. Her music is something she has confidence in, though she can be exacting throughout production. She spreads joy to others through music, attempting to give them warmth and peace.

Although this may seem positive on the surface, this desire stems from a deep trauma following her father's hospitalization. In a way, she follows in his footsteps, not taking care of her health in favor of overworking herself.

What do I think about Kanade?

25ji comes in pairs of sorts, Kanade and Mafuyu, Ena and Mizuki. Together they all represent different reactions to trauma, depression, and mental health. Kanade is the character I relate less to my personal experience. She reminds me most closely of my high school self. She's homeschooled, much like I was, and rarely leaves her room. That said, she's relentlessly focused on honing one skill while I've always been more of a jack of all trades. I like her a lot, but I've never known or been someone quite like her.

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