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Shinonome Ena. Artist.
Class 2-D. Born April 30th. Height 158cm [5'2"]

Ena is the kind of girl who keeps up with trends. She's always stylish with a good eye for angles and the best lighting. She loves all things sweet and can often be found in a trendy bakery or cafe.

However, her looks are often seen instead of her artistic talent. She's prone to egosurfing and looks for every bit of recognition she can gain. She wishes to stand up to her father, a renowned artist, and prove the worth of her work. At times she can be self-centered and angry but this comes from a desire to gain the best from herself and others.

What do I think about Ena?

Like Mizuki, Ena is someone I find deeply relatable. Ena's struggles for recognition, and the way she's constantly hurt by social media, are something I can relate to. Posting art onto Twitter often feels like posting into the void. You'll get one like, if that. A thousand impressions can result in no interactions. It's disheartening and it makes you wonder if anyone sees the 10+ hours put into a piece. Meanwhile a random selfie or a lucky tweet you put no thought into can blow up if the algorithm finds it favorable.

I also relate to her anger. I seem level headed online, but I'm the kind of person who's very quick to anger. It's an emotion that feels more comfortable to me than grief or emptiness, in part because it's something I can work with. Yet, at the same time, it's not really sustainable. Ena doesn't create her best work when she's angry. She just grows more frustrated and alone. It's a form of protection, one that's temporary but not permanent.

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