Time: 6:14 PM
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Topic: General, Learning Japanese

Well, classes are officially back after spring break. I actually feel more motivated than I expected. I think it helps that the new book we're reading is magical realism. It's a genre I don't get the chance to read a lot but is one I find engaging when I do. I've certainly read worse. As for other class related stuff, I'm continuing to work on my writing steadily.

Aside from that, today marks the 60th day since I began studying Japanese! I've been studying using the Anki 2k/6k deck and a Wanikani based deck. So far the Wanikani deck has just been catchup to Wanikani proper so I won't focus on those stats. I'm also using this Migaku add on to hide every button but again and good.

Initially I set it to ten new cards a day which ended up being too much for me and my schedule. I set it back down to five and it's been a lot easier both to get through the reviews and retain information. So far I've learnt a total of 391 cards with 210 of those being mature and 181 being young. My ratios for a correct answer for learning cards is 53%, young 66% and mature 96%. Out of the sixty days I've been studying, I missed a single day because I just simply forgot. Even though it was just one, missing it did end up impacting my learning over the next week. I think it's just because I ended up getting a bit out of rhythm. Since then I've progressed past it.

Overall, it's not a lot of progress but it's the start of a good, consistent routine. Previously I tried to start learning with a lot of different methods, but I found I couldn't really keep up with it. I find it helpful to have some sort of external consequence when I'm learning something new. Anki having reviews appear over time means you can end up getting buried or really behind with just a day or two missed so it works pretty well for that. On the other side of things it also prevents me from studying too much and burning myself out.