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Spring break is ending and pretty soon I'll be back to classes. I have no idea how much time or energy I'll have to work on this site so, for the time being, I've created a placeholder blog page so I can continue to update. I'm currently a third year in college. There's only a month and a half left this semester so it's time for me to get serious. Overall my classes aren't too tough this semester but I took a class with a professor who assigns a lot of work, even for an upper level class. He's a great professor but our tastes in books could not be any more opposite. I respect him a lot and have enjoyed his class but not so much the work and reading itself.

Aside from dreading the return to classes. I've been working on some Live2d rigging and browsing other pages for inspiration. There's so much I want to do and yet so little time to do it all! Can't wait for summer so I can focus entirely on creative projects and self-study.