Time: 17:54
Topic: Covid-19, mental health, gaming

So. My family caught Covid again. My brother was the one who caught it first. So far everyone else has not developed symptoms but they are all anti-vaxxers except for me and have decided to take a "We're all getting Covid" approach to this thing. Point being, it's likely they'll all get sick. I have been in fairly minimum contact with my brother and I am vaccinated. I've decided to isolate and wait things out to see if I develop symptoms or not. So far this is day five so we'll see what happens. I really don't know which is worse. If I'm sick, then that obviously really sucks. If I'm not, then I'm going to have to stay isolated for like a month while the rest of my family recovers. When my dad caught Covid-19 in January it took him three weeks to get better. There's really no winning here.

I am going to leave the details at that. There are many behaviors around this situation my family has taken that are reckless and frustrating. Stuff like going out on shopping trips for entertainment, for example. But really, my point in writing this is not to vent or give people every little bit of info about my life. I just wanted to let people know what was going on. I do not think I can write any more right now without getting too personal or doom and gloom. I'll just say, it's been a horrible past 12 months.

For this next month, site updates are likely going to slow down. I find creative outlets to be really good for my mental health and I count Neocities in that. However, as things get more stressful it's better for me to try to lose myself in something highly engaging like a videogame. I started playing Elden Ring but I also have Final Fantasy 7 in the backlog. I feel like I'm a bit of an odd man out when it comes to games because I don't have a big backlog. Really, that applies to most media. I'm exceedingly picky about what I invest my time into and I know my tastes pretty well. Elden Ring is a bit of a different pick for me, but I'm having a decent time in it so far. I think other people seem to be loving it a lot more than me, but the feeling of progression and the tension between fear, leveling up, and besting what you had to run or be killed by, is satisfying. I have no clue if I have the capability to ever beat it, even if I git gud, but all I can do is play to find out.