About the Webmaster

Name: V
Age: 21
Pronouns: He / They
Orientation: Bi
Sign: Capricorn

I find it easiest to speak about myself more in terms of things I like and things I am rather than my personality. I consider myself pretty fragmentary so it's easier to speak concretely. Other people have described me as strange, analytical, pessimistic, and self assured.

I don't like to list every single bit of mental and physical health information online. I think that should be a commonly held opinion considering that it's personal medical knowledge! That said, I make it no secret that I struggle with both. I have CPTSD and chronic fatigue, among other issues. Still don't know the cause of the fatigue, unfortunately, but I have some suspicions considering family history and stuff I've ruled out.

Most of my time is spent bouncing between my various hobbies. Otherwise, I spend time studying. I want to pursue a masters in English and media studies as I find pop culture incredibly fascinating. Pop culture has such a big impact on our society and analyzing it for deeper meaning, looking at it through various theoretical lenses, and studying it is very interesting. I kind of want to pursue a PHD someday, but that's so far off it's a bit much to think about! For now I need to worry about finishing my bachelors!

I'm also fictionkin and therian. Initially I had a larger section dedicated to it in this about but I decided to cut it down as it isn't going to come up all that much here on Neocities. Still, it's something I've known for a while and is important to me in a personal, knowledge of the self sense!

If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached through neowaterfall@yahoo.com.

My relationship with the Internet

My relationship with the internet has changed a lot over time. When I was around 9 my family found a bunch of Webkinz at a yard sale with the tags and codes still attached. Miraculously they had never been used so they became my introduction to the internet. Not long after I spent a lot of time on Build-a-Bearville and pirated the Pokemon anime with my brother. I got my first email and proper social media accounts when I was 12.

From my teenage years forward the net has always been a tool for me to meet others and socialize even with my variety of limitations. I'm autistic and was homeschooled through high school so the net was really my only connection with other people. I rarely left my room or home, in part due to no means to go anywhere and in part due to mental health. Now I leave more often but due to disability caused by chronic illness, it's tough to find the energy. I consider the internet an accessibility tool for me first and foremost. I'm what we can generously call extremely online, though I wouldn't say it's by choice.

The old web was a bit before my time so my design sensibilities for this site come more from sites I frequented at ages 11-15. Stuff like the tumblr themes from my now deleted and unarchived blogs, the look pokemon.com had around 2012 when they still had the flash games, and various toyhou.se pages I had saved in my bookmarks as a teen. Plus a good chunk of inspiration that comes more from illustrations and art.