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Descriptions written 6/12/2022

Created 2/27/2022. This is the model sheet for my vtuber redesign. My old models were cute/cozy and more edgy in aesthetic. They also varied between feminine and masculine clothing. Vtuber models take a ton of work so I needed something that was varied enough to satisfy all the different aesthetics I liked and could change with my sense of style.
Created 3/12/2022. This is some art I created of my most recent vtuber redesign. I needed something quick that could show the two variants of my model together as well as the general vibe I was going for overall. A large part of what I wanted from this redesign was to embody a "dark but cute" aesthetic. Some of the anatomy on this drawing bugs me. I also wish I had gone a little more dramatic with the lighting. Overall though, I think it accomplishes its goal! Something in an anime style that's meshing some gothic and cute aesthetics.
Created 5/27/2022. One of my favorite things from back in the older Homestuck fandom days were godtier self portraits. Self insert as in self shipping has never what I wanted to do, but I do like to imagine myself within the world of a specific story. So I thought through what my land would be and classpect. I settled on the Land of Quartz and Coasts (LOQAC) as a Mage of Time. Some affordances I made for the style did reduce its accuracy as a portrait. Still, overall this was a ton of fun and super self indulgent.
Created 6/6/2022. This is a photo study/portrait practice featuring Yeojin of Loona. Here's the original photo I referenced. Portraits are something I struggle a lot with and my overall goals of practicing lighting and harder edges were accomplished. I do think the colors got a little muddier than the reference, something I consistently see as a struggle of mine when it comes to portraiture. (I also got lazy with the background!) Overall, I'm very proud of it! It was good practice and I think in the end it did make for a nice portrait.

Created 6/20/2022. This is my vtuber self which I wanted to feature a bit more heavily on this site. I worked pretty hard to create the main design and to rig it so I want to use it online as much as possible.

The elements I consider most important to my design are the hair, cat ears, and bows (both at the chest and side of the hair). I referenced some Angelic Pretty cutsew OPs for the outfit. I wanted something that's both comfortable enough I'd realistically wear it when I feel unwell and cute.

The blood draw vial is just directly because that's something I have to do often. Though I made it purple to fit in better with the index and to make the blood feel a little less scary. Same with not showing the needle. The bandages on the neck relate to an injury I had when I was a kid but the eyepatch is just for fashion!

I've been wanting to push the medical theming of this site a bit more. I really like menhera art and fashion and I find a sense of connection with it because of my own issues.

Created 7/10/2022. I've been on a bit of a medical themes kick lately with a lot of the art I'm viewing being from menhera tags on other sites or music being similar theming. I find cartoon-ish anime styles like this to be really difficult to pull off. The body proportions are very different when drawing younger or cuter characters compared to my usual style!

I pride myself a lot on being able to be an artistic chameleon of sorts. I have a style that comes through no matter what I draw, but I want to be that kind of person who can draw anything, any style.

Created 7/18/2022. Finished up Ilya/Aster's redesign. I'm hoping to stay fairly settled on the general concept. I mentioned this in the OC page, but I referenced regency era dresses as well as Ilya's older designs for this one. Are these clothes practical for traveling? No. But then again, he's not really an adventurer or taking any tough routes. I kept the composition and pose very, very simple so it'd read clearly from a distance.