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Descriptions written 6/12/2022

Created 3/22/2021. A bit of fanart from Witch Hat Atelier. The anatomy on this one is a bit rough but I wanted to try my hand at the WHA style. Overall I don't dislike it but I think I could draw it a lot better now!
Created 4/24/2021. I don't think that's the correct date, but it's the one I have. My very first Vtuber design. Initially named Rose, I actually still like this design a lot, it just doesn't quite feel like me. I took inspiration from edgy and alternative styles online. A lot of the inspiration also came from Kpop. I referenced techwear inspired styles and wrap skirts. I wanted to create something with a cool feeling to it, though still a bit cute. You can see that a lot in the face. I referred to shoujo manga for the eyes.

Ultimately what led me to not using this design more was the feeling that it was too feminine. Because I drew from shoujo and female characters I think it gave the overall design a softness that didn't feel like me. I don't want anyone else to use the design as it's very personal to me, but I would like to repurpose it for something!

Created 4/24/2021. Alongside the first design for Rose, I created this variation. You can see pretty early on that I wasn't settled on just a single aesthetic. For this one I referred to Arknights as they have a lot of characters with transparent or light fabrics that still have this gritty feel to them. I kept the overall base the same for the outfit but switched out some key elements.

Early on I worked in a much smaller file size than for later Vtuber models. I also struggled a lot with rigging. I won't post rig examples for these models, but the face and mouth in particular weren't very well detailed when it came to their movement. I've only made four other models since these two but the learning curve for Live2d is a rapid one!

Created 5/4/2021. This is the early stages of a redesign for Rose. By this point I wanted something more in the masculine/gender neutral space than previous models. I kept the overall concept of a demon character but redrew and restyled a lot of the model such as the pose.

This time I referred to techwear more straigthforwardly rather than just inspired outfits. I also did reference Arknights again as they have a lot of characters with cool jackets. Ultimately I didn't go with this design because it felt a bit off in terms of the balance. The jacket is a bit too long and it's overall just a bit blocky.

Created 5/5/2021. For some reason the heart eyes always seem to show up when I saved this as a PNG. I kept the boots and pants from the unused Rose redesign as well as the general base/posing. I wanted to create something very comfortable, something similar to what I wear during winter.

I was quite proud of the rigging for this one. Again, no examples, but it had a lot of little elements I could toggle and significantly improved face movement compared to the first models I created. I also had a cat plush I rigged which I could toggle between holding and standing. In future models I dropped these features as they take too much time to rig and I rarely use them. However, I still am proud of it and it was good practice!

Created 5/22/2021. The model sheet for Rose's finalized design. The anatomy on this one bugs me a bit, but it serves its purpose so I have it to go off of when I want to draw them. As a little note, even though Rose is a demon and my future Vtuber models are cats, I never gave any of them tails on their actual PSDs. I like drawing the tails in art but not so much on the models themselves.
Created 6/3/2021. A simple starting soon screen I made for Twitch. I used a lot of tricks with this one to speed up the process of making it. I used a city skyline brush created by another Clip Studio Paint user as well as a cloud brush. It was the definition of work smart not hard.
Created 6/3/2021. A variation of the starting soon screen I used as a banner for Twitter. Similarly to the other one, I didn't spend a ton of time on it but I do like how it turned out as something for the background.
Created 6/3/2021. This is a little bit of Utena fanart I did for pride month. In the OP there's multiple shots of Utena and Anthy rotating around each other. I wanted to emulate that in the composition.

I'm quite happy with this one, especially Anthy's hair, but I feel I made their expressions a bit too happy for the ominous tone I was looking for overall. Still, the composition on this one isn't bad and there's some nice details here I can appreciate.

Created 6/7/2021. Here it is, one of the best illustrations I think I've done to this day. The Alphonse Mucha influences are obvious from a mile away. I referenced him for the background elements, general composition, and hair. The photo I used for the posing is one I took of myself. I think this character is actually the closest I've ever drawn to my body type/weight (minus the chest).

I'm extremely proud of this one and I'd like to go back and improve it a bit more so it's more detailed. I think the composition on it is something to take pride in, as well as the color palette. Things could have easily gotten a bit too similar because I'm using so many similar blues, purples, and greens but I think I managed to keep it easy to read.

Created 6/7/2021. This is another one with an inaccurate date, but I'm not 100% sure what the original one was. This is an updated design of my OC Marianne. I also wanted to get better at drawing environments and making characters feel like they're a part of them instead of just drawn on top. The composition of this one is simple but not bad for the stage I was at! I feel like this shows a softer side of Marianne. Here she doesn't seem quite so evil!
Created 12/10/2021. This is the first drawing I made when I got my Cintiq 16!! It's not the best on a technical level. I think I could really improve the lighting and anatomy if I did it again. However, it's very special to me because of what it represents in my artistic journey and abilities to save up for this stuff.

I am very happy with my Citniq. I've tried drawing on iPad before but I didn't really like the feel of it nor the fact that I couldn't use my usual programs. Drawing on a Cintiq feels very comfortable and natural to me. Obviously tools don't magically make you better at art, but it did streamline the process of art for me a lot.