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Descriptions written 6/13/2022

Created 1/13/2020. This was a part of a larger series of OC portraits I created for a Discord server I was in. We would create OCs and roleplay. It ended up expanding to a total of three servers, one for a magic university, one for a DND general fantasy setting, and one for a demon/angel universe that is still incredibly cool to me. Diana was part of the magic university. I wanted to create a character who was very elegant and a bit older than my other OCs.
Created 1/14/2020. Aster also ended up as a part of the magic university though really, they're a character I've had for far longer than just that setting. Initially he was created as a part of the same universe as Marianne and that remains his core setting.

You can see at this point I still struggled pretty significantly with face anatomy. My lines became a lot more confident and I started getting a better grasp of color palettes. But I didn't think of the face in as much of a 3d way as I do now.

Created 2/23/2020. Little bit of fanart of Yuri Leclerc from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Face anatomy issues strike again but this drawing and referring to the Fire Emblem art really helped me improve how I drew hair from this point forward.

When the Ashen Wolves DLC came out, I can admit I was a bit obsessed with Yuri. He hit a lot of notes I commonly like in a character.

Created 3/9/2020. This design ended up becoming the base design for one I created later on, Lux. I'd consider Lux to be one of those particularly self indulgent characters. That said, I haven't drawn it in quite a while. My most recent one is from 2021. Initially though, it started as a one off vampire illustration. I actually do like how this one looks as a small image but I think the lighting and anatomy up close are a bit rough. This is one I should definitely redraw soon.
Created 3/15/2020. More Three Houses fanart, this time featuring Mercedes. Mercedes is another character who really appealed to me back when I played. She's a very gentle, kind person and a bit older than the other characters. Plus she has a really beautiful design. This was one of my first attempts at a background. Not terrible considering my skill level!

This was one of the first pieces I used my current beloved pencil brush on. To this day it's the most realistic feeling pencil I've found in terms of lineart for Clip Studio Paint.

Created 5/19/2020. A redesign of Aster. He always had a similar outfit that was very long and flowy but I added more layers and details to it. I also switched his original palette from green, cream, and brown to this purple and blue. I like the redesign overall and some core elements of it do remain in his current design. Stuff like the wavy hair, layering, and the core inspiration of mori kei and otome fashion. However at this point I felt like the dress and layers were both a little too feminine in style for him and a bit impractical for who he is. He's not a fighter by any means but he is a traveler and the type of person who prefers mobility over style.
Created 11/27/2020. I drew this on my laptop after my old computer broke but before I could get my new one. It was from 2011 and was borderline impossible to use for art because of that. Still, I managed!

Valentine is one of those characters I consider a very malleable one. She has a core personality but I've made so many AUs of her that she exists in multitudes. There's another OC similar to this, Marina. They pop up in a lot of different stories I make.