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Descriptions written 6/13/2022

Created 7/7/2019. This was a lolita fashion coord I designed. I got some good constructive feedback on this, specifically to switch out the wrist cuffs for more casual, sailor themed accessories. At this point I wanted to learn how to sew but I never really took advantage of my time to do it. I still haven't begun sewing though now it's more of a "too many hobbies, not enough time" thing rather than what it was then. Still, I'd like to make this one day.
Created 8/15/2019. I have less to say about this piece as art and more about my life surrounding it. I hadn't drawn much this year because I got my first job, retail, and it alerted me to all the health issues I'm still dealing with now. Following it I didn't have much to do but wait for school to get started so I focused on improving my art and posting it online. These were the first from around that time.
Created 8/21/2019. Like most of the internet I was really enjoying the Moomins around this time. I should go back and read the novels and finish watching the 90s anime. There's certainly issues with this piece in terms of detail, perspective, and lighting but, as a whole, it's got a charm to it! I still like this one for the warmth it has and the overall concept. Definitely one I can still take a bit of pride in considering how long I'd been drawing by this point.
Created 8/31/2019. In the 2020 gallery I spoke of how Valentine, like Marina, is one of those really malleable OCs. This is Marina. She's very bright and bubbly, straightforward in a way I always find refreshing to read in a cast of more moody or difficult to understand characters. I initially imagined her and Valentine as friends, college students who worked on creative projects together. Though, really she's expanded so much further beyond that.
Created 9/10/2019. This is a redraw of another image you can see in the 2018 section. I actually dislike this redraw compared to the original. While the original had flaws, I feel like the redraw took the unique elements of the old one and sort of flattened them out. It's not terrible but for the improvements in anatomy or lighting in one area, there's an issue of anatomy or lack of detail in another. Definitely not bad, just comparatively lesser in the end.
Created 9/30/2019. The very first full body design of Aster. A bit simplistic but it has its charm! You can see I struggled pretty significantly with hands and feet here. Overall Aster is someone who's very avoidant, they don't like to stay in one place too much or get close with people. Part of it is their lifestyle as a traveler and an artist, but there's deeper reasons to it. They keep a lot of history very close but most people far.
Created 10/25/2019. Liliana! This is an OC I honestly don't discuss that much. She's one of the OCs I made for the OC server, specifically the magic school setting. She's a very gentle, lonely person who's magic developed in part to combat that. She can animate objects but it takes conscious focus, it's sort of a band aid for the problem instead of an actual fix.
Created 10/28/2019. Calista, one of the OCs I also made for that server but for the general fantasy/DND setting. By this point I didn't have a lot of outspoken or antagonistic characters so I wanted to create someone more powerful and willing to cause conflict. More lolita fashion inspiration for her outfit. I actually still like her design, though I'd make it more lolita directly rather than simply inspired.
Created 12/5/2019. This is the base design for a DND character I created but never used or even finished the sheet for. In the end I don't think they got a name. I like aspects of their design, particularly the base color palette and the way their horns frame their face. I would change the palette a little bit to avoid being too same-y throughout though.