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Descriptions written 6/13/2022

Created 6/1/2018. This was at a point where I was trying to develop my style. I wanted to try out something cartoony. In the past I was way harder on this one than I needed to be. I have trouble situating features on rounder and more cartoonish faces but the porportions here aren't half as bad as I remember thinking they were! I don't remember what I originally drew this for, I think maybe my old toyhouse account or something.
Sidenote- I began drawing in January 2017 but I will not be showing any art from that year. It's simply too old!
Created 6/7/2018. I later did a redraw of this in 2018. I wanted to try a lineless style. I struggled significantly with profiles at this point and defining form through color instead of lines. At this point I was still drawing with black lines without going back and recoloring them to better fit in with the rest of the image. Despite the anatomy and color issues, I do like this and I executed my goal with it which was to make it feel more like paper cutouts with texture instead of something too flat.
Created 9/17/2018. Eris is an OC that has developed pretty significantly since I originally created them. They were originally designed as an elven bard but slowly became a tiefling sorcerer. Still charasmatic, but more in an intimidating way. I don't have any current art of them.

There's some standard beginner artist issues here. Trouble with anatomy and porportions, colors, the usual stuff. Still, I think the pose of this came out fairly natural compared to the far more stiff poses I tended to draw at the time. Stiffness is still something I struggle with, though it's improved.

Created 10/25/2018. This was my first real attempt at painting something. I didn't have a good grasp on color and form at this point. You can see that in particular with the hair. Obviously I knew hair wasn't just big chunks, but it wasn't something I had the capability to express yet. You can also tell I had the early artist habit of hiding hands.

This was actually supposed to be a bit more expansive and show her from other angles, the contents of her coat, basically a full character sheet, but I didn't really have that kind of knowledge or dedication at the time!

Created 11/11/2018. This is one of the first attempts I made at drawing a background instead of having characters just sort of float in a void. This is Marianne's initial design. She's from the same universe as Aster. I have a lot of lore on their world, much of which she relates to more heavily than him. Despite that, there's not really a plot. Characters exist but this world to me exists more in visuals and concepts than a concrete plot, at least for now.

I still have a soft spot for this drawing despite its many flaws. It came out to the best of my abilities at the time and the atmosphere and ideas I tried to capture here still appeal to me. It'd be worth trying to redo it sometime.