Welcome to my world, Traveler.
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This website is my homepage, hub, and hobbyist project.
It is not built for mobile and optimized for 1920x1080 monitors. All ads on this site are fake.

I'm V, the webmaster of this site, but I go by many different names! You can see an image of my persona on the right. This site is a little bit of everything. Anime, reviews, my random diary ramblings, music, my art, you name it, I've got it. I feature the topics of disability and mental health fairly regularly.

Mini Manifesto

My motivation for creating this site came from my exhaustion with Web2. In 2021 I started using Twitter and Youtube more and more. I think I have a pretty healthy relationship with social media, but a healthy relationship isn't going to make up for the constant tracking, algorithms, and advertising. I found myself growing steadily more miserable, feeling like all these sites did was push disastrous news and controversies designed to make people stay on longer. So, I'm here, trying to find honest self expression in a virtual space I've designed.

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