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This website is my homepage, hub, and hobbyist project. This is the first website I have ever made and is currently a work in progress. It's difficult to build a world from scratch. There will be errors, 404s, and somewhat slow updates.

This site is not built for mobile. I'm not yet skilled enough to make something responsive.

A 3d model of Miku from Slowmotion. I'm a really busy person who likes to do a ton of different things. I enjoy vtubing, drawing, learning new skills, manga, anime, and writing. This is all to say, have no expectations for this page! What I'm going to make is whatever random thing crosses my mind.

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A gif of a cat running back and forth.

Mini Manifesto

My motivation for creating this site came from my exhaustion with Web2. In 2021 I started using Twitter and Youtube more and more. I think I have a pretty healthy relationship with social media, but a healthy relationship isn't going to make up for constant tracking, algorithms, and advertising. I want to get back some control over my space and anonymity in my online experience.

Latest Update

5/23/2022: New diary post.

Upcoming Updates

  • Make RSS feed.
  • Create a writing page.
  • Add more detailed information to gallery images.

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